Sponsorship and Advertising

Corporate sponsors play essential role in supporting AWCSF initiatives. You can support AWCSF as a corporate sponsor to enrich our local initiatives in return you will receive high visibility in the media by making difference in the lives of the talented young women.


Get Engaged Now with the Women Leaders of Communications Industry!



association for women in comunications south florida

Advertise with AWCSF

We offer plenty advertising opportunities that will increase your organization’s visibility and help you connect with many communication professionals

Sponsorship Opportunities

AWCSF offers wide range of sponsorhip opportunities you can choose from:

  • Annual AWCSF Sponsorship options.
  • Variety of events targeted at different audience – students, entry level communication professionals, and top executives.
  • Scholarship and development programs for women demonstrating aspiration and talent to become leaders of communications of tomorrow.
  • Job and internship board, and many more.
association for women in communications south florida